“Christians” make me so angry

Today I saw that a group of people who profess to be Christians have decided to picket the funeral of two boys who were murdered by their father. These people claim that this tragedy happened because of Washington State’s recent passing of Gay Marriage bills in the state senate and house of representatives. According to them these two young boys are a sign of God’s judgment.


Whenever I see this kind of stuff and particularly from this group I get so angry. What a horrible way to respond to tragedy. What are they hoping to accomplish? I have yet to encounter anyone who has converted to Christianity bias a result of picketing soldiers funerals. What I have encountered is a lot of people who become angry at Christians because of this group.

Please stop.

What I truly don’t understand here is whether or not these people have a clear understanding of their own sinfulness. Because if they did I don’t think they would be compelled to picket. Understanding how much Jesus Hans changed me and continues to change me, and how much grace I have received for my own brokenness has forced me to walk humbly in these issues. I don’t think Jesus would have us boycotting the sinfulness of our political structures. When reading the gospels he was more confrontational with religious people.

If we (the Church) actually take the message of the Gospel and the grace therein more seriously and actually live this out, maybe we would see positive changes in our society. Until that happens these picketers are wasting their time and giving everyone who wants to be agents of the grace of God a bad name.

Seriously, please stop.

I have a feeling that the more severe judgement will be on those who cause people to run away from the gospel, or keep people out of the kingdom of God. Does Luke 17:1-2 come into play here? Are these folks protesting funerals and giving Jesus a bad name causing people to sin? Is this action leading others into the death of their spirit?

How is that any different than the sociopathic behavior of Josh Powell who killed his own boys.

Seriously Westboro. You’re killing people. Stop it!

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My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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