Amazing Spider-Man #700

So I purchased the Amazing Spider-Man finale.  It’s kind of a big deal in nerd-dom.  I’m going to say some things that may spoil the book for you, so be warned.

Here’s the deal.  Peter Parker is probably the comic book nerds greatest hero.  Peter is a nerdy awkward kid who through a freak radioactive spider accident gains super powers.  (Yeah, we know that doesn’t make any sense so stop judging us!” Said every comic book fan ever).

Because of Peter’s early selfishness he loses his Uncle Ben.  But the lesson that Uncle Ben passed on to Peter, that with great power comes great responsibility, is forever etched in Peter’s life.  It becomes his creed.  Peter devotes the rest of his life to sticking up for the powerless.

For little nerds everywhere when we are introduced to Peter we are shown a character we can relate with, and when we imagine what it would be like to be a super hero, Peter Parker is the guy that we want to be.

In Amazing Spider-Man 700 the dying Doctor Octopus has brain swapped Peter Parker.  So Doc Ock is in Peter’s healthy body and Peter Parker is Doc Ock’s dying body.  (Again, we know it doesn’t make any sense.)

Peter tries to reverse what Ock has done but to no avail.  However, is switching brains, Doc Ock somehow has all of Peter’s memories and understands what it means to be Spider-Man and vows to be a Superior Spider-Man.  Conveniently that’s the new title for the Spider-Man Series.

Why would Marvel do this to such a beloved hero?  Money!

Well yeah, of course money.  Marvel is a business and guess what, they are going to do everything for money.  So for all the nerds out there angry about this marketing ploy get over it.

But here is my hope for a second motivation.  My hope is that somehow, the Spider Creed “With great power comes great responsibility” is shown to be the reason that we’ve been reading this book for so long. Because that’s how super heroes are supposed to live.  Even though Doctor Octopus is Spider-Man’s greatest enemy when he fully understands the Spider Creed he can be truly great.

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Spider-Man #700

  1. Yeah. And I’m sure that Peter is forever gone. Never to be seen again. Because everyone that dies in comics stays dead. Forever. And Ever. Amen.

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