water or ice

The quest to figure out this new emerging culture has consumed much of my thought life lately. I feel that the church hase woefully failed to read they culture changes until it was too late, and the changes that they church just caught onto are now passe’.

I feel that the church needs to be a place where every generation can glorify God, together. But with the compartmentalization of age groups in the modern church that makes it almost impossible. Is it possible to create a church that embraces all ages and worship styles and reaches the culture? How about not just reaching the culture, but shaping it? Isn’t it time that the church gets out from under the rock it crawled into in the 20th century and begin to shape culture again? Isn’t it time that hollywood and the music industry look to artists of faith for leadership?

I feel like the church needs to transform itself every 10 to 15 years, maybe faster as technology and style evolve. The seeker churches have a limited shelf life unless they begin to reinvent what they mean by the term seeker. That goes for all churches, who are we trying to reach?

Perhaps we need to hold onto our traditions a little looser. Perhaps we need to take a lesson from water, which is always in motion, and as it moves faster and faster it spreads farther and farther (steam). But if the church is inflexible it’s ice. Ice can melt but it take time. The church should see itself as fluid in the changing culture, moving, advancing.

The church shouldn’t be a faucet, but a deluge.

elusive hope

Hope. It is very illusive. I have spent the last few weeks trying to figure out what it is that I have hope in. I know that I can’t put hope in myself. Because I seem to always let myself down. I can’t put hope in people because they are too much like me. But I trust Christ. And that’s about all that I can hope in and for. That’s a very encouraging thought. That I don’t really have to have hope in the people around me, or the things around me. I can focus all of my hope on one thing. Jesus.

I am a youth pastor, and I lead a very small youth group. I have been there for about 4.5 months and I love it. But, I have been putting too much hope in my ability to lead this group, and I get very discouraged when this happens because I always realize how much I suck. I can’t be all that I need to be. But the nights that I just say, “OK God, this is all in your hands. Do your thing.” Everything goes amazingly better then I could ever imagine. I love that.

first post

My name is Jason. I have a deep passion for helping students experience the joys and challenges of the Christian Journey. The main reason that I am starting this Blog is to collect my thoughts in one place and hopefully if someone comes across my Blog, they would find encouragement and hopefully an occasional challenge.

What does it mean to be a Christian? Where can I draw the line between fundamentalism and passion for Jesus? Those are the questions that I am dealing with personally.

I wouldn’t say that I’m having a crisis of faith, but I am trying to discover who I am in my faith.

I went to a Bible College, and I earned a degree in Biblical Literature. I learned a lot about the Bible, but not a lot about being a passionate Christian. My denomination is a traditionally fundamentalist denomination and that’s great. I love my denomination, I love the structure, the support, the foundational doctrines, but I’m not as uptight as “they” have traditionally been.

This whole transformation that is going on in my life, is very confusing and a little upsetting, but everyday I have a small victory in my love for Christ, and my love for people. And that encourages me greatly. But it’s interesting because I can’t just go around and share these concerns with everybod, so I am coming here to share my concerns, and my thoughts. Hopefully I won’t become a Heretic or anything. I desire to have an authentic lifelong faith, that is constantly growing, and daily being amazed by the grace and power of God.