Welcome Forest Hills Church

I just saw that Forest Hills Church linked to my review and response to other opinions on The Shack.  Thanks so much for the link. Forest Hills Church is doing a Christmas Series called Christmas At The Shack.  Here’s where you can find the messages. On another note, I listened to an interview with WilliamContinue reading “Welcome Forest Hills Church”

Great Post on the Shack and it’s Author

I appreciated the Shack for it’s display of the relationship between the trinity.  It’s a book that has brough a lot of healing to a lot of souls.  It’s controversial, and I get a lot of comments from people who don’t see the potential for grace in this text.   Today I read this postContinue reading “Great Post on the Shack and it’s Author”

Dude, It’s a Metaphor!

So I was listening to Mark Driscoll talking about the Trinity today, and he was talking about the Shack. which our church has recommended people read. I don’t usually post my disagreements with other church leaders on here, but I just had to. And normally I think Driscoll is encouraging and challenging in a goodContinue reading “Dude, It’s a Metaphor!”

The Shack – Review

I probably never would have picked up this book if it were not for my friend Robert Doell’s recomendation.  Robert works at Lifeway and everytime I go in there he has something new to recommend.  Which is great, because I like reading books that others have read.  So the most recent recommendation was The ShackContinue reading “The Shack – Review”