YLS 07 — Interactive 2 — Jeff Cossack

Confessions of a Mac Evangelist

Healthy Evangelism vs. Unhealthy Evangelism

Most of what happens evangelistically in the American Church falls under the unhealthy variety!

What Should Evangelism Not Be?

  • Turn Or Burn
  • Tracts – Read this Card I’ll see you later
  • Making a person a project
  • Soapbox evangelism — Street Corner Preacher
  • Candy Coating
  • Mixing the world with God to make him palatable
  • World Will End People
  • Flirt to Convert
  • Making it an event
  • One size fits all
  • Your religion is wrong here’s why
  • Christian = Amazing life.

If we are excited about Christ we will be excited about it. We don’t have to walk people through the 4 spiritual laws. We need to be actively sharing our faith in Christ.

Principles to Apply

1. Get out of our Office.

“Come to our church and hear about Jesus” – is not relevant to our culture.

We do a disservice to our students if this is how we present evangelism. Big events can work, but it can’t be the only method of introducing people to Christ.

2. You’ve Got to Show them the difference.

If people don’t see a difference in us then why would they want to switch.

We have to put what they want to see and this is built through relationship.

Social Activism is one way to show people the difference and show that we really care about people. When people see the church really care, then that is a genuine difference.

3. No Crashing

We need to have consistency in our spiritual lives.

Progress. People need to see authentic faith that works.

4. Have the Battery Charged

We need to go out in the power of God. Acts 1:8

The Holy Spirit transforms us to be “Christ” to people. Before they hear about Christ they need to see Christ in Us.

5. Go To People Who are Interested.

We need to invest our energy where there is fertile soil.

Circles of Friendship

Circle of Concern

Circle of Influence

Circle of Intimacy

Sometimes folks will come to you. they are fertile soil, Don’t waste it.

Jesus didn’t run after the rich young ruler — do we spend to much energy on the people who really are not interested, when we should be pouring into the people who are interested

6. Make sure you know the product you are selling.

have a working knowledge of your faith.

We have to show students what it is like to be light and dark

7. Create an Environment Where Questions are Encouraged.

Best Buy vs. Apple Store

we need to craft a welcoming environment

A student asking questions is on the right track

8. They Won’t Truly Know Until They Experience It.

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