YLS 07 — Session 3 -Jeff Kossack

Caffeinated Youth Ministry

Does our youth ministry have a Kick? Does it have a lasting affect? Or do we look the part and don’t make a difference?

Are we making life long Christ Followers?

Matt 5:13-16

If we are going to be an emerging church we need to get out of the walls and engage the church.

We can’t be counter-culture, we need to be driving culture.

Evangelism should happen outside the church instead of just inside the sanctuary. We have created a generation of Ambulance driving christians.

We need to become personally involved in Evangelism.

Dangerous Truths about Decaf Youth Ministry

1. What’s the Point? Would I have started drinking coffee if it weren’t for the caffeine. If it wasn’t for the difference it made would we have ever started.

If we are just providing weekly Childcare, why do it?

God called us to be finishers (Acts 20:24)

The only way we are going to finish the race is if we understand the life that God has called us to.

You will face adversity, it is the steadfastness in God that will see us through.

2. You have to wait and see if there are any results.

Fruit takes time.

You can’t tell what’s inside an orange until you squeeze it. When we get squeezed the real us comes out. That’s how we find out what we are really made of.

How do we react with adversity?

We need to:

  • Stay Fresh daily
    • we should be willing to throw out the old stuff
    • We should be more creative
    • The world can tell if we are staying fresh
  • Use a good Filter
    • Keeps the grounds from getting your coffee nasty.
    • Youth Leaders are the filter
    • Titus 1:15-16
    • Phillippians 4:8
    • 1 Corinthians 11:1
    • We need to set an example on following Christ, not just doing stuff, we need to show them how to be with God.
  • Keep it Hot
    • Rev 3:15-16
    • A useless christian/youth ministry makes God sick.
    • The biggest key is Longevity – this is the only way we are going to see lasting fruit
  • We need to Live like it’s an addiction
    • One of the problems is that we have become event driven- Spiritual high to spiiritual high. We send students into the stratosphere and then they crash hard becuase that high is not something they are accustomed to.
    • I notice my caffeine intake when I don’t have it. Is this the same way we live with the presence of God in our lives? In our student’s lives? They need to learn how to experience the presence of God.

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