YLS-07 — Session 1 – Les Welk

Les is the Northwest Ministry Network SuperIntendent (He’s also a Ninja!)

The one thing that God has in mind for us is His Mission to redeem the world.

God made us to be reflections of his goodness.

Joshua 1

The passing of a generation – Nothing causes a leader to rise like the passing of the predecessor.

The mantle to reach a generation is falling on us as young leaders.

Joshua is no longer an emerging leader, he has the man now.

Handing over leadership is difficult. Like letting your teenagers drive. It’s nervous, hopeful but nervous.

(God lays out the vision for His people.)

There were people in Joshua’s way, the Hittites for example.

Who is in our way? Who is it that is keeping us from possessing God’s country? The earth is the Lord’s and all that dwells therein.

Sometimes what keeps us from possessing the land is our disbelief that everything is God’s.

“No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life.”

That’s a promise to hold to.

THE ONE POINT: “As I was with Moses so I will be with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

As I was with your predecessors so I will be with you.

take inventory of what God has done to see what God is going to do.

Where have I been? Where has God moved in my life? I need to remember those things.

Example: The Rocks at the Jordan, served as a reminder of God parting the river.

God uses plain stuff. Wherever we are in our leadership he can use us. We don’t have to be fancied up, we don’t have to be perfect, he can use us just as we are.

It’s easier for les to hand over the keys when he looks back and sees all that God has done.

Man Les always brings it!

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