YLS 07 — Session 2 – Nate Ruch

The Voice

We all go through a process of drift from experience to today.

If you add 40 percent more weight to your skeleton it will begin to bow under the weight. The same thing happens with our life. We are only supposed to handle a certain amount of weight.

The weight that we bear can keep us from hearing from God. It’s not sin, it’s not rebellion, it’s life.

If I’m where I need to be right now, but I want to be somewhere else, what signal is God going to be able to give me?

How did I get here?

We start to question and it has nothing to do with how God got us into this ministry.

We have a fixation on the location!

are we called to the location or are we called to the voice?

Were we called to a role or were we called to Him?

The figures that did great stuff for God were not called to a title, they were more responsible to follow God to where he lead them to be.

We hold up our call until some one else picks us. We feel like we can’t feel the call of God until we do a certain thing. But really we are fulfilling the voice of God with where we are right now.

We lose the sense of the voice of God because we are waiting for the destination that we think will fulfill the call on our lives.

If we don’t watch it we can become hooked on the title or labels, then they can define us, but we need to realized that we are not just whatever label we wear, we are children of God and he moves us and places us where he wants us.

The mission he’s called us to is his voice. We won’t worry if we are disappointing him if we are confident in the fact that he’s placed us where he wants us.

At the Core there has to be a sense that I am hearing God’s voice. It doesn’t matter what we are doing as long as we are hearing the voice of God.

1 Kings 19 (Elijah)

Elijah hit the wall and felt like God had left him.  But when he vented and heard God’s voice, then he could go back and do the work that God called him to do.

We have to be striving to hear God’s voice.

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