Planning The Year Out

So I just this afternoon got a good handle on our student ministries teaching plan for this year.  It looks pretty good to me.  We are going to talk about some pretty cool stuff.

It feels good to plan ahead like this.  If you are in youth ministry and don’t know where you are going with your talks for at least the next 4 months then you should really get a handle on that quick fast.

We shouldn’t just be guessing what we are talking about a few days ahead of time.  There are two ways that I think help to make sure that we are planning ahead and thinking big picture.

Method 1) Talk through the Bible.  Choose a book and work your way through it.  This is my favorite method because I love to walk through the stories and context of the Bible and give a big picture to what we are talking about.   We are currently goig through the Book of Matthew on Sunday Mornings at Church.

Method 2) Block out Multi-Week Series-es.  This way I can see what we are going to be talking about in the future, and I can break down my big ideas for each night.  This is helpful but a little bit more challenging for me personally.  we are going to be doing quite a bit of series work this year but I really am looking forward to some of the things we are going to be talking about.

Planning ahead like this is really important because it gives you a map to follow.  But it also gives you direction for your prayers and study.  Instead of panicky prayers trying to conjure up inspiration the night before you can pray months out about a certain topic, collect resources as you go, and let the Holy Spirit Guide you.  If you have anything to add I would love too hear about it.  Leave a comment.

Or if you want to see where we are going this year I can send you my road map.

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