Hurt by Chap Clark

I wasn’t personally hurt by Chap Clark.  Chap Clark wrote a book called Hurt.


I am prepping for next weeks sermon.  We are doing a Parenting Series at creekside, which is pretty cool and you can find our videos for the past few weeks at

In my prep work I started perusing my copy of Hurt looking at the Highlights and I just was blown away by how insightful this book really is.  I would say if you are a youth worker or a parent who wants to understand your teenager and their friends a little better.  This book is a great resource.  Check it out.

The Hurt in Clark’s book is Systemic Abandonment.  Really powerful stuff.  Read this book.

Also I would recommend Soul Searching by Christian Smith.

The struggle in Soul Searching is Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.  That’s not just an adolescent problem, that’s an america problem.  


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