Youth Ministry Reflections pt.1

Last night we welcomed Mike and Lisa Brandow into the student ministry at Creekside Church. I am so glad to have Mike and Lisa on the Creekside team. It’s amazing how God knits things together. But with Mike and Lisa coming on board, I am now able to focus my attentions on leading the SpiritualContinue reading “Youth Ministry Reflections pt.1”

Here’s the News from Sunday

In case you missed sunday @creekside. We announced our new Youth Pastors, the Brandows. They will now be leading the youth ministry and our Worship Purpose. And I will oversee Ministry Teams, Serving Projects, and Spiritual Growth Initiatives. more about “Here’s the News from Sunday“, posted with vodpod

I Agree with Tim

At the Life In Student ministry blog, Tim posted his reasoning for keeping High School and Jr. High combined. I agree with his assessment.  I grew up in a ministry that had a combined big group mid week and then more age specific sunday school.  The big gathering on wednesday nights were some of myContinue reading “I Agree with Tim”


I know senior pastors can go through some pretty depressing thoughts on Sunday afternoon, and monday.  Re-hashing what they said, what they could have said, what the church needs to do better or differently, feeling like a failure. Well youth pastors can go through that too.  I’ve been feeling it lately.  I know that theContinue reading “Success?”

Hurt by Chap Clark

I wasn’t personally hurt by Chap Clark.  Chap Clark wrote a book called Hurt. Anyway. I am prepping for next weeks sermon.  We are doing a Parenting Series at creekside, which is pretty cool and you can find our videos for the past few weeks at In my prep work I started perusing myContinue reading “Hurt by Chap Clark”