Calibrate NW session 7 – Judah Smith

Pastor at City Church in Kirkland, WA

Talking about Honor 
Matthew 20:20

If you want to talk about honor you have to start with humility

You can do all kinds of things that are nice to the past generation, but still not honor them.  Honor comes from the heart.

Jesus connects greatness to being a slave.  If you want to be first you need to think about yourself last.

When you are given a platform think first about how you can use that serve others.

We are all in ministry based on someone else’s equity.  We did not get here on our own.  How are we honoring those who brought us here.  

Honor begins with an honest assessment of yourself and on who’s platform you stand.  

We can’t all be Pauls we need people to be Apollos as well. Paul built and Apollos built it up.

Honor is adding value to others. 

A prideful man cannot honor he can only flatter

The reason some of us have a deficient view of who we are is because we don’t have a biblical view of who Jesus is.

Christians are always responders to the grace of God.  We cannot initiate it, we can only respond to it. 


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