Calibrate NW session 8 – Mark Driscoll

Fans and foes
     Fans idolize you
     Foes demonize you

When it comes to worship we have 2 options
1 – the creator
2 – the creation

Interesting stuff with dr. Drew and the mirror effect.

Celebrities model and people mirror. The celebrity culture makes people famous for no reason. The celebrity culture the goal is just to be famous. 

6 kinds of foes
1. Theological Critic
Accept that there will be conflict with them and just come to deal with it.  2. Success Jealousy Critics
Jealousy is just another word for pride. The answer is to serve them, become their ally, it can help change their heart.
3.  Misinformed foes
Inform them!  Clarify. The ear is a lot more forgiving than They eye
4. Personal Dislike
Ignore them because they can’t differentiate between style and sin
5.  Legit critics
6. Those who take offense on behalf of other people
Rebuke them. Those who are meddling and busybody are not helping they are causing more trouble

How to respond
1.  Practice selective hearing
2. Don’t let anger drive you to sin
3.  Turn your critics into coaches 
4.  Don’t respond on their terms
5.  Patiently await vindication
6.  Watch out for the fear of men – the fear of men is the idolizing of someone else’s opinion.  

You can’t need people and love people at the same time. 
God did not make us because he needed us he made us because he wanted us. 

What to do with this stuff?
1.  Talk a lot about Jesus
2.  Talk a lot about your sin and your struggles
3.  Work with conviction instead of guilt – guilt comes from people.  If guilty people get to play you your life is going to be craptastic
4.  Don’t get sucked into the best or the worst
5.  Don’t worship the people who idolize and demonize you
6.  Get your spirit filled time with Jesus

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