Sunday’s Message Had Legos

This past Sunday I had the privilege of speaking at Creekside Church.  We are working through a series called “Can You Trust the Bible.”  On Sunday I talked about how to read the Bible as a narrative.  Too often I think people approach the Bible with the wrong motives or assumptions about the text.  My understanding of how to approach the Bible is that it is the story of God rescuing his people.  As a Christian I understand that Jesus (his sacrificial death on the cross and resurrection) is the ultimate way that God rescues his people.  I’ve been influenced by N.T. Wright and the book The Drama of Scripture.

I encouraged Creekside to read the Bible as a narrative and to understand that we have a part to play because God’s story is not finished.  You can listen to the sermon here or get the video here.

I also used lego images from to help illustrate my message.  I have been asked to post my presentation so here that is as well. Narrative of Scripture presentation.


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