Sunday’s Message Had Legos

This past Sunday I had the privilege of speaking at Creekside Church.  We are working through a series called “Can You Trust the Bible.”  On Sunday I talked about how to read the Bible as a narrative.  Too often I think people approach the Bible with the wrong motives or assumptions about the text.  My understanding ofContinue reading “Sunday’s Message Had Legos”

On Preaching pt.1 – Not An Expert

[i’m going to try to do a writing series.  this is something i haven’t done before, but this is the first part of a series On Preaching]   On Preaching pt.1  Not an Expert I will be the first to say that I am no expert on preaching.  To which you might say, then whyContinue reading “On Preaching pt.1 – Not An Expert”

Matt Chandler – Faith and Boldness

I know everyone in the young pastor blog-o-twitter-sphere has already posted this video.  But I had some things to say too so I’m joining the party. Matt Chandler is the teaching pastor at Village Church in Dallas Texas.  As the video explains he had a brain tumor, we don’t know if it’s caner or not,Continue reading “Matt Chandler – Faith and Boldness”

Some Blog Thoughts

Los is back with a great post here. of particular note is #4. I wonder if modern day Christian leaders are more concerned about becoming famous than becoming Jesus? And here’s a quote from Will Wilimon “The gospel is not simply about meeting people’s needs. The gospel is also a critique of our needs, anContinue reading “Some Blog Thoughts”

Great Presenters

Great post from Seth Godin on what makes a great presenter. Bottom line if you don’t love your audience, you’ll never be great.  When it comes to preaching, if you don’t love the people you are speaking with then they won’t care. Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll, Rob Bell, Erwin McManus, Rick Warren . . .Continue reading “Great Presenters”

Do they know what we are referencing?

Read this article from Seth Godin.  Seth’s basic premise is that, as a communicator, you are not going be able to assume that everyone has seen everything.  Yesterday when I spoke, I used a Seinfeld clip, and as we were watching it, I realized that not everyone has seen Seinfeld.  With all of the choicesContinue reading “Do they know what we are referencing?”