My Son Is Famous

I listen to a radio show podcast – TBTL, which is short for Too Beautiful To Live.  Great show!  Last monday Judah and I were bored and we were playing with Garage Band which was awesome.  I had Judah says, “boom roasted”, “RAWR”, “Come On”, and “Awesome”.  All of which are regular audio drops onContinue reading “My Son Is Famous”

what’s in my brain

vision day was great, and the video and audio are up at i’m really proud of our guest services team as they made this thing happen yesterday.  Go TEAM! Team work makes the dream work, (that’s for you matt hodson) our ministry passports turned out really great – Kate Thaete is a ninja youthContinue reading “what’s in my brain”

Is Obama Going to Take Away Your Freedoms?

In all likelyhood I doubt it.  But judging by this picture he may try to take your freedom to own a PC, in which case he is actually helping you. So you see, some freedoms may feel like freedom but they are really prison.  Kind of like sin.  It feels like freedom, but it’s not,Continue reading “Is Obama Going to Take Away Your Freedoms?”