My Son Is Famous

I listen to a radio show podcast – TBTL, which is short for Too Beautiful To Live.  Great show!  Last monday Judah and I were bored and we were playing with Garage Band which was awesome.  I had Judah says, “boom roasted”, “RAWR”, “Come On”, and “Awesome”.  All of which are regular audio drops on TBTL. On a whim I emailed the recording to the TBTL host, Luke Burbank.

Like I said I listen to the TBTL on podcast so I’m a little behind.  Today i was listening to last monday’s show and what do you know, I heard them playing our recording.  How fun.

If you are not listening to TBTL, I would recommend it, it’s a great, fairly random podcast on 97.3 KIRO, weeknights from 7-10. or you can get the podcast on  If you want to download the specific episode where Judah was “featured” you can download that here.  You should listen to the whole thing, but you can hear Judah around the 23 minute mark.  Enjoy.

Published by jasondeuman

My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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