Read Something New This Year

Every year I start a new Bible reading plan. I try to use a different translation every year. This helps me to read these stories in a new way as each translation is a little different. This year I am using the New Revised Standard Version. This version is even more different because it includesContinue reading “Read Something New This Year”

I Have An Idea

I have a lot of ideas actually.  But I need to finish the ideas that are right in front of me (a talk on Work for a Men’s Conference, Two Sermons For May, My Thesis) that have deadlines.  But after all these ideas processed and shipped out, I have another idea that I’d like toContinue reading “I Have An Idea”

If you’re wondering, I’ll probably be reading

So I’m going back to school.  Yeah I know, my life is crazy enough already, with a wife, a 2 year old, a baby on the way, a puppy and youth ministry.  I’m going to add one more thing Grad School.  Kathy and I talked and prayed about this, and we figured there really neverContinue reading “If you’re wondering, I’ll probably be reading”