Read Something New This Year

Every year I start a new Bible reading plan. I try to use a different translation every year. This helps me to read these stories in a new way as each translation is a little different. This year I am using the New Revised Standard Version. This version is even more different because it includesContinue reading “Read Something New This Year”

My Reading Plan . . . well here’s to hoping

So my new years resolution was to read 75 book in 2009.  I don’t think that’s going to happen, I’ve fallen way off track.  And I also had resolved to read only one book at a time, and that’s definitely not going to be a possibility.  I’ve been swamped for time to read, and I’mContinue reading “My Reading Plan . . . well here’s to hoping”

So I’ve been reading a lot lately

It’s only January and already I’ve posted six book reviews.  Now I’m not a professional reviewer, and I could probably do a lot more processing of each book as I review them but that’s just not how I role.  I hope that these reviews are helpful to folks, I know they are helpful to me,Continue reading “So I’ve been reading a lot lately”