Stewardship Series

This month we have been working through a stewardship series.  We have talked about how we need to be stewards of ourselves, our relationship, our time and (this coming Sunday) our money. All of these thing are in all of our lives. All of these things come from God. How we steward all of theseContinue reading “Stewardship Series”

Stewardship [or] All About (all) the Benjamins

I am currently working on a series of sermons about Stewardship.  As a pastor, when I use the word stewardship the common assumption is that I’m going to talk about money.  If I say, I’m doing a series on stewardship, people hear, “Here come four week talking about money, give more, give more, give more.”Continue reading “Stewardship [or] All About (all) the Benjamins”

God is Way Smarter Than Me

In my previous post I talked about how life is expensive, there is always another expense. I have been entrusted to steward the things that God has resources that God has given me. I also talked about investing in Missionaries with their various projects and buildings and expenses. Today we were working on how toContinue reading “God is Way Smarter Than Me”