The past few weeks have been fairly tense in my world.  We’ve recently had to let one of our team members at Creekside go.  Not fun.  There are a lot of emotions around this whole event.  And I’m not really a big fan of emotions other than happy.  I’m like a dog that way.  HappyContinue reading “Tension”

Stewardship Series

This month we have been working through a stewardship series.  We have talked about how we need to be stewards of ourselves, our relationship, our time and (this coming Sunday) our money. All of these thing are in all of our lives. All of these things come from God. How we steward all of theseContinue reading “Stewardship Series”

Realationships are Key

Great post from Church Communications Pro.  Read it. Realationships are the key – because they tell the story.  People can ignore all kinds of things, with on-demand entertainment, web browsing by RSS, keeping your recycling bin right by your mail box.  People ignore advertising.  It Doesn’t work. People cannot ignore relationships, and they cannot ignoreContinue reading “Realationships are Key”

Going All The Way – Review

In Keeping with my read one book at a time.  I finished the Shack and then Promptly finished up Going All The Way, by Craig Groeschel (Lead Pastor of LifeChurch.tv). I’ve had this book for some time, and I had started it before the new year, and so that’s why I was able to finishContinue reading “Going All The Way – Review”