Book by Book: Ruth 1-4

We started Book by Book again. In this week’s video we walked through the entire book of Ruth. Yes, the cover image says Judges. I made the decision to keep this book connected to the book of Judges because we are told in the beginning of the book that these events happened while the JudgesContinue reading “Book by Book: Ruth 1-4”

Better Together

There are some things that are great on their own.  Peanut Butter for instance.  It’s amazing.  But then Mister Reese came a long and said, “you know what this could use?  A delicious coat of chocolate.” And with that the first recipient of the Nobel Peace prize was . . . what?  Oh I guessContinue reading “Better Together”

Stewardship Series

This month we have been working through a stewardship series.  We have talked about how we need to be stewards of ourselves, our relationship, our time and (this coming Sunday) our money. All of these thing are in all of our lives. All of these things come from God. How we steward all of theseContinue reading “Stewardship Series”

Brussels Sprouts and Jesus

I had a recent conversation about sharing the good news with people who are not Christians.  Just that term, sharing the good news is problematic.  It has so much baggage associated with it.  So do evangelism, witnessing, etc.  When we use terms like this we bring our baggage into talking about Jesus into these conversations.Continue reading “Brussels Sprouts and Jesus”

Getting Over Myself, or, Let Jesus Do His Work

I recently came across a website for a ministry that my gut reaction to was, “Really?!” It had something to do with men beating each other up in tight shorts and Ed Hardee style clothes.  I’ll be the first to admit, I really don’t get the appeal of UFC or MMA or any of thoseContinue reading “Getting Over Myself, or, Let Jesus Do His Work”

Not to get political but . . .

I’m really glad that I’ve been unable to watch the news for the past few weeks.  Because when I turned it on, all I saw was hatred from both parties thrown back and forth.  I’ve seen religious discimination lauded as a conservative american value.  I’ve seen the parody that is the Colbert Report come true.Continue reading “Not to get political but . . .”

Gospel Urgency & Gospel Patience

Yesterday was a great day at Creekside. I got to preach about Livin’ Single, (not the tv show) and I got to play a bit of Pomplamoose’s cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” which is probably one of my favorite songs. I’m not even ashamed to admit that. Pomplamoose’s arrangement is amazing and totally creative. LoveContinue reading “Gospel Urgency & Gospel Patience”