Some Blog Thoughts

Los is back with a great post here.

of particular note is #4.

I wonder if modern day Christian leaders are more concerned about becoming famous than becoming Jesus?

And here’s a quote from Will Wilimon

The gospel is not simply about meeting people’s needs. The gospel is also a critique of our needs, an attempt to give us needs worth having. The Bible appears to have little interest in so many of the needs and desires that consume present-day North Americans. Therefore, pastoral care will be about much more than meeting people’s needs. It will also be about indoctrination, inculturation, which is also- from the peculiar viewpoint of the gospel- care. Our care must form people into the sort of people who have had their needs rearranged in the light of Christ.

thanks Bob.

And from Ben Arment

Next time we complain about our audience not bringing their Bibles or not laughing at our jokes or not taking us seriously or listening intently, we have to remember… we raised them that way.

Just some thoughts from the blogosphere.

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