Missional Spirituality (Review)

Missional is a buzzword in the North American Church.  It’s a buzzword with a lot of ambiguity.  What does it mean to be missional?  What is a missional church?  What is a missional follower of Jesus?  These are all questions that church leaders are asking.  And there are many resources that are trying to provideContinue reading “Missional Spirituality (Review)”

Groups Coach

Yesterday I talked about the importance of starting and maintaining the projects that you know you can pour yourself into. One of the projects that I have started and I want to make sure that I can keep focused on and maintain a strong level of commitment to is Groups Coach Groups Coach is aContinue reading “Groups Coach”

Nouwen on Leadership and Theological Reflection

Without solid theological reflection, future leaders will be little more than pseudo-psychologists, pseudo-sociologist, pseudo social workers.  They will think of themselves as enablers, facilitators, role models, father or mother figures, big brothers or big sisters, and so on, and thus join the countless men and women who make a living by trying to help theirContinue reading “Nouwen on Leadership and Theological Reflection”

Spectator or Contributor?

I hate to watch baseball, but I have fun playing baseball. I suck though so you probably shouldn’t invite me to be on your league team. I love to watch football, but I’d rather play. Bottom line is I would rather be a contributor than a spectator. I would rather know that I had aContinue reading “Spectator or Contributor?”

Some Blog Thoughts

Los is back with a great post here. of particular note is #4. I wonder if modern day Christian leaders are more concerned about becoming famous than becoming Jesus? And here’s a quote from Will Wilimon “The gospel is not simply about meeting people’s needs. The gospel is also a critique of our needs, anContinue reading “Some Blog Thoughts”