The Comedy of Christian Faith

I read this tonight in The Comedy of Redemption by Ralph C. Wood: The scandalous Christian affirmation is that the ultimate miracle has, in face, occurred.  What Christian faith confesses is that God, in the Jews and Jesus, has perpetuated the most outrageous of tricks, a joke to end all jokes, a surprise beyond all surprises.Continue reading “The Comedy of Christian Faith”

Wrestling With Ideas

Writing is hard work.  Learning is hardwork. I actually love writing.  I actually love learning. For me, every class, every book, every paper that I have to write is an opportunity to play with new ideas to try to figure out how they work, and how they interact with other ideas that are floating aroundContinue reading “Wrestling With Ideas”

Whirlwind weekend

I’ve been crazy busy this weekend. But busy in a good way. On Friday I met my niece, Violet.  She’s adorable.  We had dinner with my Brother and sister-in-law. On Saturday I had an early breakfast with the head’s of NU’s MATC (Ron Herms) and MAML (Alan Ehler) programs, and the Provost (Jim Heugel), andContinue reading “Whirlwind weekend”