So Close . . .

I just finished the first draft of my last chapter for my thesis.  This doesn’t mean that I’m finished.  However the marathon of words to pages is almost over.  I will trim, refine, and strengthen my arguements over the next little while.  But knowing that I have x amount of words committed to pages isContinue reading “So Close . . .”

On Preaching pt.1 – Not An Expert

[i’m going to try to do a writing series.  this is something i haven’t done before, but this is the first part of a series On Preaching]   On Preaching pt.1  Not an Expert I will be the first to say that I am no expert on preaching.  To which you might say, then whyContinue reading “On Preaching pt.1 – Not An Expert”

If you are starting a Grad Progam

I’m nearing completion of my grad program.  1 Class and my Thesis are all that stands in my way.  If you are starting a program, I would like to give you some advice that I wish someone would have given to me.  Or maybe I should have asked for advice and listened to people. First,Continue reading “If you are starting a Grad Progam”

Research, Writing And Conversation Partners

I write this as I am sitting in a Barnes & Noble Cafe.  I’ve spent the last two hours reading a book called Holy Laughter.  It’s a collection of essays edited by M. Conrad Hyers.  There are several thought provoking chapters in this text, and I’m glad I found it.  Over the past few monthsContinue reading “Research, Writing And Conversation Partners”