Thoughts On Vision Prayer

Thanks to everyone who came out to vision prayer last night.  Such an encouraging time of community prayer and worship.

Events like vision prayer are where the church gets to be the Family of Christ.  Sunday gatherings are designed for guest.  It’s like inviting the neighbors over for the party.  Vision Prayer is where we do the household work.  And the work of the household of Christ is Prayer and worship.

We cannot (and should not try to) do the work of the church with out first going to the Lord in prayer.

It was great to have a time of encouragement from team members.  To pray with and for the staff.  To keep Jesus and his mission central in all things that we do at Creekside.

Looking forward to the next one.

Super Heroes in Seattle

As somebody who grew up reading comic books and still enjoys a good graphic novel today.  I remember asking myself as a young man, what would it take to actually become a crime fighting vigilante.  I realized early on (around 4th grade baseball when I really sucked and didn’t get a hit all season) that I would never have the skills required to roam the streets fighting crime and dispensing immediate justice on the hordes of villians that terrorized my quaint Kirkland neighborhood.

Even though my dreams were crushed early that did not mean that super heroes would not emerge some day, some where.  And now they have.  In Seattle of all places.  The video above recounts an event where Phoenix Jones stopped a car burglarly in process.  This happened in Lynnwood.  That’s where I live.  I will sleep better knowing that this guy is out there.  His arsenal is not as impressive as Batman’s but even Bruce Wayne had to start some where.

Now . . . about those super powers he’s lacking.  I will immediately begin research on radioactive bugs . . .

Logos for Mac

I’m no pitch man, but I need to tell my mac friends, that Logos for Mac is finally available for purchase.  I have when I switched from PC to Mac, the only thing I missed was Logos.  I used their beta release and loved it and now that it’s available for purchase this could be the greatest christmas of all.

The great news for those like me who had logos on the PC platform is that we don’t have to buy the whole package, they’ve made it easier for us, by allowing us to buy only the Mac Engine and transfering our old licesnes in.  It’s a pretty sweet deal.

But if you are brand new to the Logos system, there are several different packages and prices that you can consider.  I would highly recommend the Scholar’s Library.

The beauty of Logos is the the ability to carry around thousands of books wherever you go.  Our church preaches expository sermons, so rather than lugging a bunch of commentaries around, I can download several and have them accessible wherever I go.  It’s pretty much awesome.

I highly recommend you go out on the Logos For Mac site and purchase this bad boy.  If you use a PC I would still recommend it, for your platform as well.

Good News

So either bloglines finally got around to creating an iPhone specific page, or I just found it.  Either way, it’s awesome.  Good News.

I love the WordPress iPhone app.  Good News.

We had our second beyond::film::festival last night, it was loads of fun, and I will post the videos shortly.  Good News.

Staff meeting was today and it was quick and now we are rocking and rolling.  Good news.

Anyway,  I’d love to hear your good news.  Leave a Comment.

Practicing Greatness – Review

As a part of the leadership journey that I am on, we were asked to read Practicing Greatness by Reggie McNeal.  A few years ago i read the Present Future, which is also by McNeal (and I should probably read it again).  So I was familiar with his work and his style.  Practicing Greatness is a quick and easy read, but there is a lot to digest in it.

The basic plot is this, what are the practices or disciplines of great leaders.  And what does that look like in various contexts.  The use of anecdotal examples is very helpful, and I kept finding myself in both the negative and positive examples.  Reading this book challenged me to really look at what practices I need to develop in my life.  Of the 7 listed I think that Decision Making and belonging are my two weak points.  I make decisions but I know it takes me forever to feel comfortable with that.  And I am an independent person by nature but I need to develop relationships that I can truly belong to and with.  And I am working on that.

I was also challenged by the Chapter on the Discipline of Mission.  i know what the mission of every christian is, but I need to constantly drag my life back the mission that God has put on my heart, which is teach people about Jesus and his incredible grace.  That’s my mission, so whatever I do I need to be making sure that I am living up to my mission.

This is truly a must read for all spiritual leaders.