Missional Spirituality (Review)

Missional is a buzzword in the North American Church.  It’s a buzzword with a lot of ambiguity.  What does it mean to be missional?  What is a missional church?  What is a missional follower of Jesus?  These are all questions that church leaders are asking.  And there are many resources that are trying to provideContinue reading “Missional Spirituality (Review)”

The Shaping of Things to Come -Review

I’ve been meaning to read Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost’s The Shaping of Things To Come, for quite a while now.  I actually purchased it from a book store in La Conner, where the owner had taken to heart the missional incarnational approach to ministry, that this book talks about. Frost and Hirsch are proposingContinue reading “The Shaping of Things to Come -Review”

the Reason for God – Review

Tim Keller is a brilliant evangelical mind. With the heart of a pastor he writes a powerful, yet simple apologetic for the Christian faith. The book is divided into two parts. The first part looks at several of the protests against the Christian faith (and faith in general). Keller does a masterful work at lookContinue reading “the Reason for God – Review”

Jesus for President – Review

Jesus For President is first of all a very beautifully designed book.  The layout and design help the book move along.  The pictures are very powerful.  The feel of the book is unique.  I couldn’t put it down because I kept wanting to see what the next page would hold visually. But I also reallyContinue reading “Jesus for President – Review”

Ready for Anything – Review

David Allen is a productivity guru.  I first came across the GTD methodology from the bob.blog and then was further exposed to the ninjary by Merlin Mann at 43folders.  Ready for Anything is divided up into 52 short chapters and it can be viewed as the why behind all of the GTD methodology.  It isContinue reading “Ready for Anything – Review”

The God Who Smokes – Review

The God Who Smokes is a refreshing look at theology through Timothy Stoner’s personal experiences.  All of theology should apply to life and when you read The God Who Smokes I believe you will see all the various ways that God is talking to and revealing himself to you. TGWS is a middle road betweenContinue reading “The God Who Smokes – Review”

Practicing Greatness – Review

As a part of the leadership journey that I am on, we were asked to read Practicing Greatness by Reggie McNeal.  A few years ago i read the Present Future, which is also by McNeal (and I should probably read it again).  So I was familiar with his work and his style.  Practicing Greatness isContinue reading “Practicing Greatness – Review”

Eat This Book – Review

  Eugene Peterson, author/editor of The Message, is in the middle of a five book series on Christian Theology, the first book in the series was Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, the second is Eat This Book.Eat This Book is a study in Spiritual Reading, particularly the practice of Lectio Divina. Peterson shows thatContinue reading “Eat This Book – Review”

David Crowder Band – Remedy – review

This week I promptly picked up the latest offering for David Crowder Band – Remedy. I’ve spend a few days listening to it, and I like it. This is a much more straightforward album than A Collission. The theme of Remedy seems to be saying that Jesus wants to heal us and the world aroundContinue reading “David Crowder Band – Remedy – review”