Great Thoughts from Jay

One of my favorite people in the world is blogging.   Jay Smith and I grew up in the same church, he serves as the youth pastor at said church, and I interned with him way back in the day.  Jay has always been a great friend, and somehow his wife Sandy and my wife Kathy,Continue reading “Great Thoughts from Jay”

Hello Again

Well it’s been a while since I posted.  Couple of factors went into that, 1)busy 2)sick.  So that’s that. But some pretty cool and exciting things have happened.  our student ministry hosted an event called beyond::afterhours.  And that went really well.  We had 30 students show up and we had a great ole’ time.  I’veContinue reading “Hello Again”

Redeeming Technology

This post is actually a bit of a milestone for me.  it’s post 250.  WooHoo!!! So I thought that I would use this opportunity to write something meaningful.  Lately, I have been getting quetions about the church’ use of technology like Myspace, or blogs, or whatever, and I just wanted to write a little bitContinue reading “Redeeming Technology”

Some blogs I have Been Reading

Hello Folks, I I have found some really great blogs and I thought I would post them for you.  I have done this before but I think it’s fun to share. First off though let me direct you to bloglines.  Bloglines is a service that subscribes to blogs and keeps you updated when new postsContinue reading “Some blogs I have Been Reading”

I didn’t think I would ever do this but,

I got wrapped up in a comment thread about Mark Driscoll’s statements at the Desiring God Conference.  I have held a pretty laid back commenting philosophy, really only commenting when I agree with the writer.  But I gues I have been a little antsy lately and when I read what some folks were saying IContinue reading “I didn’t think I would ever do this but,”