Missional Spirituality (Review)

Missional is a buzzword in the North American Church.  It’s a buzzword with a lot of ambiguity.  What does it mean to be missional?  What is a missional church?  What is a missional follower of Jesus?  These are all questions that church leaders are asking.  And there are many resources that are trying to provideContinue reading “Missional Spirituality (Review)”

Calibrate NW session 6 – Rich Stearns

CEO of World Vision Author of The Whole In Our Gospel We’ve drifted away from being fishers of men to being keepers of the aquarium – Paul Harvey It may nite be our fault that 24,000 children die every day, but it is our moral responsibility to do something about it. We are God’s planContinue reading “Calibrate NW session 6 – Rich Stearns”

Calling all bloggers

I was struck today in class by a statement that I put on my twitted and then was challenged by Josh H to blog it. I’d love to hear how other bloggers would respond to this statement so please write a post in response to this question: “Do we want church services or gatherings thatContinue reading “Calling all bloggers”

Great Thoughts from Jay

One of my favorite people in the world is blogging.   Jay Smith and I grew up in the same church, he serves as the youth pastor at said church, and I interned with him way back in the day.  Jay has always been a great friend, and somehow his wife Sandy and my wife Kathy,Continue reading “Great Thoughts from Jay”

Let me tell you about Tuesday

I know it’s already two days ago but some times I just need a little time to process and think and stuff. Tuesday I was really expecting to do a lot of work-work during the day, it didn’t work out that way for me but I did get a lot of great wisdom thrown atContinue reading “Let me tell you about Tuesday”

Trick-or-Treating is Missional

I love this post from Jonathan Herron about their church’s halloween plans. He clearly talks about their desire to engage their community like Jesus.  Here’s a chunk: Catalyst does not have an official position on Halloween.  Some who call Catalyst home choose not to celebrate Halloween because of its pagan origins and dark slant.  OthersContinue reading “Trick-or-Treating is Missional”