Weekend de-briefing

Well this was an event filled weekend.  Lot’s of fun, lot’s of laughs, and a stank-nasty gym floor.  Some of the students from our youth ministry headed over to Yakima to our networks youth conference.  I always enjoy these conferences because it energizes the leaders that go, and encourages students.  This year our guest speakerContinue reading “Weekend de-briefing”

4th of July, Patio Set, Donkey Talk

So it’s July 3rd, the church gave us today off, but Cutter & Buck didn’t. So I’m chillin’ here on a perfectly nice day waiting to go home and celebrate the BBQ that Kathy has put together. I’m really hoping the BBQ goes well tonight, there’s no agenda or real plan, we just want toContinue reading “4th of July, Patio Set, Donkey Talk”