Eugene Peterson on pastoring

“The pastor’s question is, “Who are these particular people, and how can I be with them in such a way that they can become what God is making them?” My job is simply to be there, teaching, preaching Scripture as well as I can, and being honest with them, not doing anything to interfere withContinue reading “Eugene Peterson on pastoring”

Tribes in the Mail

  I pre-order Tribes by Seth Godin.  I’ve read enough from Godin to know that I his books are gold, and a pre-order is not a risk in anyway.  I got a pre-release copy yesterday, and I’m also going to get the copy that I actually ordered towards the end of October.  I wonder whoContinue reading “Tribes in the Mail”

The business brickyard

I just finished reading the business brickyard by Howard Mann. (I would get all kinky right there but I’m writing from my phone so google it.) This a I great little books on the fundamentals of running a business. There are a lot of applicable point for church leadership as well. I would recommend it.Continue reading “The business brickyard”

surprises good thing or a bad thing

This week all the news has been about McCain’s VP pick, Gov. Sarah Palin. There have been voices on both sides as to whether or not this was good pick for McCain. I don’t want to endorse either candidate on my blog, who you vote for is your business. But I will say this, byContinue reading “surprises good thing or a bad thing”

Monday Morning Memo-Random

Well it’s Monday, my weekend was very busy, and today so far has been nice and not stressful. Let’s re-cap, our beyond::afterhours event went well. It was spring break for some of our students so they didn’t have the same level of contact with their friends, so we didn’t have as many students come out,Continue reading “Monday Morning Memo-Random”

Simple Church — Review

Simple Church by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger is a quick and clear read.  The title is pretty good at explaining what the book is all about.  The Authors posit that that church’s natural inclination is to become more and more complicated.  Through years of growth, new models, new programs, most churches have found themselvesContinue reading “Simple Church — Review”

Overly Serious Politics & People Make Me Sad

So I don’t like to take myself to seriously, sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who really gets the joke in my head, and so I like to laugh and I like being around people who like to laugh. I can’t stand people who take themselves too seriously. Life’s to short for that.Continue reading “Overly Serious Politics & People Make Me Sad”

Vision Day 2008 Recap

Yesterday was our annual Vision Day, each year we have focused ona different aspect of our overarching vision and mission.  One Year, Mission Statement, Next, Purposes and Model, and this year we focused on our core values. In case you are wondering our core values are: A Course of Discovery Creekside is a safe placeContinue reading “Vision Day 2008 Recap”

Practicing Greatness – Review

As a part of the leadership journey that I am on, we were asked to read Practicing Greatness by Reggie McNeal.  A few years ago i read the Present Future, which is also by McNeal (and I should probably read it again).  So I was familiar with his work and his style.  Practicing Greatness isContinue reading “Practicing Greatness – Review”