Secure Leaders

Great post from mark batterson here.  I think one of the reasons that we see so many insecure leaders is that we want to measure up to the success of the world rather than obedience to God.  That is a tough thing to manage, but it’s the most important part of leadership.  What is God callingContinue reading “Secure Leaders”

Let me tell you about Tuesday

I know it’s already two days ago but some times I just need a little time to process and think and stuff. Tuesday I was really expecting to do a lot of work-work during the day, it didn’t work out that way for me but I did get a lot of great wisdom thrown atContinue reading “Let me tell you about Tuesday”

telling people what they think

I was quite surprised by the New Hampshire Primaries last night.  Two underdogs came out the winners. Clinton instead of losing by 10 like some polls showed actually came out ahead by 3 percent.  Pretty incredible.  It’s funny how the media tends to pick a front-runner and tell everyone they are the front-runner, but thenContinue reading “telling people what they think”

Off Road Disciplines – Review

Earl Creps is arguably one of the most compelling voices on the emerging church and leadership that I have hear in a long time.  Hearing him speak is engaging and sparks a lot of thinking. The same can be said about Off-Road Disciplines.  There are many things that made me think and want to read more about.Continue reading “Off Road Disciplines – Review”

Thoughts on Critics

I am taking a little break from sermon prep for my next Sunday Morning opportunity.  Part of the sermon is talking about Jesus’ response to the Pharisees’ question about paying taxes to Caesar.  I love the fact that Jesus doesn’t play their games.  He doesn’t allow himself to come down to the the level ofContinue reading “Thoughts on Critics”