Tribes in the Mail

  I pre-order Tribes by Seth Godin.  I’ve read enough from Godin to know that I his books are gold, and a pre-order is not a risk in anyway.  I got a pre-release copy yesterday, and I’m also going to get the copy that I actually ordered towards the end of October.  I wonder whoContinue reading “Tribes in the Mail”

Realationships are Key

Great post from Church Communications Pro.  Read it. Realationships are the key – because they tell the story.  People can ignore all kinds of things, with on-demand entertainment, web browsing by RSS, keeping your recycling bin right by your mail box.  People ignore advertising.  It Doesn’t work. People cannot ignore relationships, and they cannot ignoreContinue reading “Realationships are Key”

All Marketers are Liars – Review

Seth Godin is a marketing genius.  This book is a reminder that Marketing is story telling, and the stories we tell need to be true and authentic.  We can’t tell other people’s stories and if our stories are false we will be found out. As a church leader, it is imperative that the we tellContinue reading “All Marketers are Liars – Review”

Reaching Teens – Marketing Article

Came across this interesting article from ypulse.  The article is written from a marketing perspective but some of the points can be applied to youth ministry as well.  Particularly, the message needs to be simple.  The other ida that made me think was make the item customizable.  How do we do this with youth ministry?  How canContinue reading “Reaching Teens – Marketing Article”