Judas, Pilate, Barabbas and Jesus

Today I started to seriously focus on my next Sunday morning sermon, which will be on April 27th.  It’s the first part of Matthew 27 looking at Judas, and Pilate and Barabbas.  there is a lot of crazy powerful stuff in this chunk of Scripture.

I’ve always felt that Judas was one of the most compelling characters in the whole New Testament, and the way he is portrayed in the Jesus Movies is always the most interesting part of the story as every director has their own vision.  (That was a long sentence.)

So I’m excited to get to dive into Judas, but Pilate is really interesting too, and in the midst of it all Jesus really doesn’t say anything in his own defense.  So much to say, but so little time to say it all on a sunday morning.  It’s going to be good times.

Preaching today

I’m preaching today.  I’m excited, as I usually am.  It’s a great privelege to share what God has been talking to me about with our church.  I’ll post the link to the podcast on this here blog when it’s done.I went to my Bloglines this morning and I read this post.  Great reminder. Have a great Sunday 

New Series and stuff

Hey Everybody,

last thursday we started a new series called Everyday Heroes.  We looked at 1 Timothy 4.12 (one of my life verses) and we talked about setting the example as the first step to being an everyday hero.  You can download it here.  It was good times.

Hey while you are downloading stuff check out the creekside cast.  And download some great sermons from our church’s sunday morning gatherings.   We have been going through the Gospel of Matthew and it has been a blast so check it out.

Also I promised I would share this video on here, we played this before the sermon on Thursday.  Enjoy!

everyday heroes series

I am really excited about the everyday heroes series.  We are starting this thursday at >>beyond>>

We are starting with one of my life verses.  I’m always excited when I get to Talk about 1 Timothy 4.12.  So that’s where we are going to be this week.  I am really praying that we can start off with a big score for this series.  The truth is that Jesus is calling all of us to be heroes of the faith.  And so how do we live that out?  That’s really what this series is going to be focusing on.

So if you are an attender be praying that Jesus will challenge you.  If you are one of my friends from around the world who just happened to stumble upon this blog than please pray with me that this will be a powerful series for us.  I am really, really jazzed about this.

Last night of Masks

So tonight was the last night of the Masks Series.  And it was a good time.  Since we’ve moved over to Thursday Nights we have had quite a varied group of attenders.  It’s funny to see who has been there every week and who hasn’t.  Pretty interesting.

If you feel so inclined you can download tonights audio here.