Matt Chandler – Faith and Boldness

I know everyone in the young pastor blog-o-twitter-sphere has already posted this video.  But I had some things to say too so I’m joining the party.

Matt Chandler is the teaching pastor at Village Church in Dallas Texas.  As the video explains he had a brain tumor, we don’t know if it’s caner or not, and his surgery successfully removed the tumor and he’s alive and doing well.  Watch this video and I want you to hear two things.  1) His faith that Christ is good even in the face of a surgery that could take his life, even in the possibility of cancer.  Matt’s faith is not shaken. 2) Listen for Matt’s boldness.  He’s not trying to be a jerk or to take this whole situation lightly.  Matt’s faith in the goodness of Christ is what leads to this boldness and confidence.

So what’s your problem?  What are you struggling with?  I’m willing to bet that most of us are not facing down a brain tumor, and yet we have the audacity to not believe that the goodness of Christ is bigger than the problems we are facing.

Matt is one of the pastors that I have learned a lot from.  I’ve never been to his church, I’ve never even met him, but he’s been a great example to me.

Here are some more video’s that I thought I would share with you.

Here’s some audio from a sermon that was put to graphics.

Here’s a sermon from the Desiring God Conference where he is encouraging all preaching to be Christ focused.

advice for young preachers

I hope Matt recovers quickly and if you are reading this please pray for his family and for a speedy recovery.

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