My Story

As a part of the Spiritual Growth journey that I am on I am being asked to write my narrative.  I’m writing this post because I’m not really looking forward to writing out my story.

I’m blessed to have grown up in a family where I felt loved and supported.  I’m blessed to have a brother and sister who I get a long with and enjoy hanging out with.  I love my wife and kids.  I’ve been blessed to go to college and get an education.  I’m blessed to have a job where I am working in the field that I studied.

My pains and struggles are a blessing as well.  I’m blessed to have felt like a dork in high school.   I was blessed to never have a girlfriend throughout Jr. High and High School.  I was blessed to have some really horrible jobs and really horrible bosses.  I was blessed to dislocate my shoulder in football practice.  I was blessed to be in a drama team.  I was blessed to be in a band.

I am looking at my narrative.  With the benefit of hindsight I really do feel like I have been blessed tremendously.  My gratitude is increasing the more I think about the things that were very difficult for me.  I think the biggest deal for me is choosing to be greatful that those things are behind me.  Before me I can expect more blessings as well as more painful instances.  But I know that both can be used for blessing.

Just thinking  . . .

Shut Your Freakin’ Mouth

Why? Why? Why?  Why do prominent religious leaders continually feel that it is their duty to place the blame for national tragedies on people’s sins?    What deal did this child make?

I don’t know if Religious TV Guy realizes that all of Creation is cursed because of Adam and Eve’s sin, which we all share in.  Any sins that the nation of Haiti would be guilty of, I’m guilty of.  Religious TV Guy, guess what, you’re guilty too.  Creation is broken because of sin.

What we need now is not pompous statements from religious figures trying to blame the Haiti’s earthquake on their “deal with the devil.”  Haiti needs compassion and mercy.  They need help not condemnation.

So can I prescribe this . . . Religious TV Guy, why don’t you mobilize people to do good works, to give to the organizations that can get aid to where it’s needed quickly. Even if you have the relief agency phone # on the bottom of your screen, blaming Haiti for this earthquake is completely shameless.  Don’t try to make some explanaiton for the earthquake, don’t focus on a spiritual battle and placing blame on the people of Haiti.  Shut your freakin’ mouth about that stuff.  We need to earn the right to be heard.

You made a deal with the devil to Religious TV guy, it’s called sin.  And instead of God the Father telling you that your brokeness is all your fault, he sent Jesus, who died on the Cross for you.  The God-head earned the right to be heard, and because of what Jesus did you have grace from your deal with the Devil.

Please, Religious TV Guy, will you start using your platform to mobilize what’s right with Christianity instead of making us all look like fools?

Let’s go to John 9?

1As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. 2His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

3“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. 4As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. 5While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

The disicples are asking about sin because then they can blame a parent for the misfortune of the child.  What does Jesus say?  Neither sinned.  Well that’s not true, everyone except Jesus has sinned.  What Jesus is saying is that his parents sin isn’t the issue.  Instead of focusing on the sin that could have resulted in this man’s blindness, Jesus used the opportunity to do good.

6Having said this, he spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man’s eyes. 7“Go,” he told him, “wash in the Pool of Siloam” (this word means Sent). So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.

So Religious TV Guy, why don’t you use your platform to stoop down make some mud and bring sight to blind eyes.  Help people to see the light of Jesus.  It’s what I think all Christians should do in these times.