Interesting Dialogue

I read Brian McLaren’s Everything Mush Change some time ago.  And today I came across this diagloge between McLaren and Andrew Jone (Tall Skinny Kiwi). If you are interested to know where McLaren is coming from this might help.  I am not advocating his views wholeheartedly but I like that he forces me to thinkContinue reading “Interesting Dialogue”

Simple Church — Review

Simple Church by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger is a quick and clear read.  The title is pretty good at explaining what the book is all about.  The Authors posit that that church’s natural inclination is to become more and more complicated.  Through years of growth, new models, new programs, most churches have found themselvesContinue reading “Simple Church — Review”

Logos for Mac beta = very happy Jason

In College I scored a sweet deal on the Logos Scholars Library.  It’s a ninja bible software, I loved it, I used it all the time, and then I got a mac and I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Logos. Yesterday I found out that they started the beta testing for theContinue reading “Logos for Mac beta = very happy Jason”

The Jesus Way – Review

Just a few moments ago I finished the third book in Eugene Peterson’s Current series of writings.  The Jesus Way is a challenging and thought provoking book that goes into great detail Exploring first of all what Jesus meant by “I am the Way . . .” Peterson describes the power behind metaphor and particularlyContinue reading “The Jesus Way – Review”

Interesting new blog

I’ve come across an interesting new voice in the youth ministry blog-i-verse. Once A Youth Pastor. This guy was a youth pastor, and now that he’s not he’s asking a lot of questions about youth ministry effectiveness, essentials, etc. Pretty interesting. Somethings I agree with, others I don’t. But he raises a lot of goodContinue reading “Interesting new blog”