This Should Break Your Heart

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1 in 4 teen girls has an STD

That is not acceptable.  That is heart breaking.  And as a church, as a pastor, as a Christian we need to do something about it.  There is a love vacuum in our culture and we need to Fill that vacuum with Jesus.

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5 thoughts on “This Should Break Your Heart

  1. We do need to do something about it, but we need to take action upon it and not simply say we need to do something about it.

    What do you suggest the solution is?

    I’m interested in hearing your opinion,

  2. I think one of the most vital questions in all of this is, where is dad? Somewhere these girls are missing out on a pure and righteous fatherly love. And THAT is the first thing that we need to do to curb the tide of these kinds of stories.

    If dad is out of the picture or just plain incompetent than we need to create a new spiritual family with these young teens. We need to show that love isn’t just sex, and sex doesn’t equal love.

    I believe those are the most vital aspects to curing this pain.

  3. What about the mother? Why simply the father’s love? And what happens if they already have their father’s love? The article you linked to mentioned nothing about having absent fathers or mothers in the various girls’ families.

    There was a study done invovling children with parents, and it was shown that no matter how much smarter the father was, the child would end up being just as intelligent as the mother. So really, it’s more the mother’s part in this equation to help educatate their children.

  4. I agree with you that Mothering is just as important and vital in raising children. I guess what I was trying to draw attention to is that of the two parents the one that is most commonly absent is the Father. Which is tragic, because this perpetuates a cycle of Boys never becoming Men, and Daughters who try to fill the void with whatever they can.
    Mothers are not without fault in this situation. Parents are seeming to avoid the tough conversations, and schools, media and friends are informing teens about what this whole sex thing is all about. And that’s like the blind leading the blind.

  5. i also think that there isn’t enough “frank” talk about sex within the church and within christian families. teenagers think they are invincible. i know i did. so candy-coating the details about what can happen with poor choices involving sex, leads only to issues. while i agree that parents and a relationship with our ultimate father, God, is important… i think that even kids in “healthy” homes are just as much at risk. sex to teens (and to anyone really…) is fun, not always a void filler. so it’s done without regard to the consequences. i didn’t get my first real talk about sex and it’s potential reprocussions until i was a jr. in high school. granted i knew the subject matter already but i had to educate myself and talk amongst my friends. and seeing as how they were just about as educated on the subject as i was… you can see the problem. so i guess my rambling is leading to… along with family, love, and God the father… we also need to just get real with them about it.

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