Lauryn Hill – Gotta Find Peace of Mind

I was listening to some CD’s that I just imported into my iTunes, and I heard this song from Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged Album. Everytime I hear this song I have to fight back tears. I wish our corporate worship times in church could be this authentic. Please watch this video, it’s worth 10 minutes of your day. Trust me.

I can’t vouch for everything Lauryn has said or done, but this song is so real.  I thought I would share it with you all.

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5 thoughts on “Lauryn Hill – Gotta Find Peace of Mind

  1. Man this clip was so moving especially when you know all that she has been going thru and possibly still. Everybody should continue to pray for her to be delivered from whatever is hurting/hendering her. God is able! Anything is Possible!

    1. Lauren has always been that type artist that has brought popularity to her music without following the crowd,a valid lesson. Growin’up listenin’ to her lyrics and blessed vocals somehow impacted me,as always its to nice now that she is still able to bring soulful harmony to a “so real” subject.

  2. For me it only proves that Lauryn that G_D was using her to speak truth. She did this 7 years ago and was crucified for it. For some reason people are revisiting this album. G_D is redeeming her. She was given a light, a prophetic message to tell. Everything she said has come to pass …some is yet to come. That why they tried to silence her…God gave word to the woman first. G_D spoke through her. It reason why everyone is going crazy over this old album NOW!

  3. I feel you AG, and it’s been like this for all protest and revolutionary artist and thier forms.I just got hip to mystery of iniquity and WOW!!! The greatest,commentary on American morality and justice that I have ever heard worthy of any pulpit or stage. As the church folk say ” she’s tear’n down All strongholdts” and work’n like a two egded sword”. The gov’t just can’t stand her kind of true.

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