Team Tuesday

I love serving at Creekside Church. It’s amazing to see what Jesus is doing in our community. People are finding grace, hope and community. These are all happening as people are seeking after Jesus. It’s awesome!

One if the other reasons that I love serving at Creekside is because of the team that I get to work with. A team makes a tremendous difference in the environment. Team members encourage and challenge one another because they share the same mission and goals.

I have served in places, and talked with others who are currently in places, where they have a collection of employees but not a team. Everyone does what they are supposed to do but they are not unified. It’s hard to see that happening because church staff members, despite their different personalities and preferences, should be able to unite as a team around what Jesus has called them to do.

What keeps this from happening? Here are a few things:
1. No clear vision from Jesus
2. Guarded communication
3. No servant leadership from the top
4. People trying to focus on their area of expertise instead of the overall mission.
5. Trying to build a legacy without building a present
6. No taking time to goof around with team members
7. No shared decision making
8. Leaders don’t receive input from their team members
9. Refusal from leaders and team members to own mistakes

The list could go on but it might just make us all depressed. There are no perfect teams, and every team has areas where they can improve. But the question that we have to ask as leaders is do we want to be a great leader or do we want to be on a great team? You can try to do the first without the second but you will be frustrated. If you do the second part of that question first then the first part is more likely to come to pass.

Just some thoughts as I head into a Tuesday filled with opportunities to be with my team members at Creekside.

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My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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